Today is My Birthday

Image Today I will be celebrating my 22nd birthday. My celebration will include being on campus for 12 hours. However, there are a few things you can do to make my birthday the best ever!

This weekend (January 24-26, 2013) is PhotoJax and I would be overjoyed if you would come to at least one of the events.

Gallery 725’s “Local Exposure” opens Thursday, the 24th at 6pm. The opening reception is from 6-10, with voting for people’s choice (that’s right, if you attend, you get to vote for your favorite photo) from 6-8 and winners (of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, honorable mention and people’s choice) announced at 9. Three of my photos will be in the show and I’ll be there all night.

On Friday, the 25th, there will be and Instagram Community Response viewing party (of the 500 images chosen from the #PhotoJax500 entries). Each image will be projected on 3 huge screens in Hemming Park (across from MOCA) for 5 seconds. The full event will be roughly 40 minutes to an hour. I submitted to this project, but won’t know

if I got in until that night. birthdayRegardless, I will be there the whole time. The viewing is from 7-8, but the event is ’til 10. If you’re out, you might as well check out the opening of MOCA’s “Slow” at 8.

On Saturday, the 26th, the CoRK PhotoJax exhibits will open at 12pm. One of my pieces will be in the UNF “Territory of Light” exhibit at CoRK. The opening reception begins at 6. To my knowledge, there will be food, drinks and some awesome featured photographers.

To learn more:

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