Dream a Day: Day 2


My newest series, that’s still in progress, is The Conception and Sensation of Time. Each image in the series is based on a dream that I actually had. What each dream is about isn’t exactly necessary for the overall concept of the body of work, however, just for you curious souls, I present to you “Dream a Day,” in which each day I show an image or 2 and tell you the crazy dream I had that inspired it.

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I live in a tiny log cabin in the woods. It is dangerous to leave. There are young men everywhere, armed with knives and guns, killing everyone who crosses their paths. I put on my bright yellow cat costume and run from the house, creeping, as a cat would, behind trees and shrubs. I make it out. I’m at Danielle’s house. After many rings of the doorbell her father lets me in. She has turned her house into an art studio and is planning on having people come through and view the art. She shows me her fliers and business cards. I feign impression. Her father stands at the stove cooking chili. He asks her about some of my friends. What she says does not set well with me. I don’t want to be here anymore. We walk out to the back porch with our plates. We sit down and suddenly I’m at the front door. I have to leave out the front or else she might notice I left and be upset. I run past the side of the house and back to the woods. I’m not in my costume. There are people falling down dead- everywhere. A man runs at me. I’m terrified. I grab him and begin to kiss him. We fall to the floor. I continue to kiss him hoping he won’t kill me. If he can just remain distracted… A man oozing blood falls on us. We are all on the ground. The man I have been kissing is very disturbed by this dead man. He begins to wimper. I tell him to quite down. People are coming. I mutter “play dead, play dead,” until he is silent. I’m awake.

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