Dream a Day: Day 5

My newest series, that’s still in progress, is The Conception and Sensation of Time. Each image in the series is based on a dream that I actually had. What each dream is about isn’t exactly necessary for the overall concept of the body of work, however, just for you curious souls, I present to you “Dream a Day,” in which each day I show an image or 2 and tell you the crazy dream I had that inspired it.

The Conception and Sensation of Time: The World is Full of Bad People and People Who Don't Care When Life is Bad for You
The Conception and Sensation of Time: The World is Full of Bad People and People Who Don’t Care When Life is Bad for You


I had this dream when I was 15…

I am a 21 year old super model shopping for eggs in the grocery store. I make my purchase and walk out the door. A large, bald man throws me over his shoulder and makes his way as fast as he can down the windy, pebble pathway. We arrive at his dark, moist apartment. He ties me to the metal frame of a bed. He strips down to his underwear. I cry and complain. I want to go home. He doesn’t even seem to hear me. I complain that I am hungry. It doesn’t matter. He tires of my pleas after 3 days. He asks if he can let me go. There is something outside. Something on the balcony. He is answering to someone else. He is on top of my. Sitting on my stomach. I can’t breath. He just stares and holds me down. I squirm. My family arrives at the front door. I can see them through the window. My sister, mother and father. My sister knocks. My parents lagging behind. The man opens the door an inch. My sister asks if they can bring me home. The witch from the balcony, dressed in purple satin from head to toe screams, “no.” Air rushes out of her outstretched hand and the door slams shut. My parents walk away jauntily. My sister looks in the window, tears welling up in her eyes.

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