Dream a Day: Day 8

My newest series, that’s still in progress, is The Conception and Sensation of Time. Each image in the series is based on a dream that I actually had. What each dream is about isn’t exactly necessary for the overall concept of the body of work, however, just for you curious souls, I present to you “Dream a Day,” in which each day I show an image or 2 and tell you the crazy dream I had that inspired it.474222-521d45224e3e9-large

I am a 12 year old, red-headed boy, pale as can be with freckles coating my body. I am small and lanky. This is my new home. I am now a foster child. I don’t like my new parents. I walk into the bathroom and the toilet is overflowing, odd greenish-orange bubbly stuff. I observe in horror. The orange cat, sitting on the back of the toilet says “You can use my tail.” “What?” “Use my tail to clean up the mess, here, it’s easy.” I pull off the cat’s tail and begin to soak up the liquid. When I’m done I place the tail back on the cat. I am awake.

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Tourmaline .

Photographer of miniatures and writer on all things small.

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