Dream a Day: Day 10

The Conception and Sensation of Time: The Monsters that Come at Night
The Conception and Sensation of Time: The Monsters that Come at Night

My newest series, that’s still in progress, is The Conception and Sensation of Time. Each image in the series is based on a dream that I actually had. What each dream is about isn’t exactly necessary for the overall concept of the body of work, however, just for you curious souls, I present to you “Dream a Day,” in which each day I show an image or 2 and tell you the crazy dream I had that inspired it.

I live in a place where paper monsters come alive at night. They come into your home and eat you- if you’re not prepared. Each person must have a pool cue, made of a special wood, on them at all times to fight off the monsters. One is here.  I chase it outside and beat it repeatedly with the cue. It falls. My friend races inside and comes back out with scissors. I cut the paper monster into tiny pieces, spreading the pices out so that the monster can’t form back together. My friend and I cover the pieces in dirt and slowly walk back inside. I don’t like this place, this life. I think about my future, about how my baby can never have his or her own room. I would have to keep watch, to fight off the monsters every night or my baby would get eaten. I make a vow to myself to never have children. I am awake.

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