Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I’m going to take this opportunity to explain a past image.

The World is Full of Bad People and People who Don't Care when Life is Bad for You (2)

This image is part of my series The Conception and Sensation of Time. I wanted to take a photo looking up from below to lend more clarity to what was happening in this image:

The World is Full of Bad People and People who Don't Care when Life is Bad for YouThis task is easier said than done when you’re figures are 3/4″-1″ tall and the width of your camera lens is 4-5 times larger than that.

So, I popped the figures off of the set and held them, super glued together, in the air.

It’s not like this idea is massively creative, but I think it’s interesting to know what was going on in someone’s head when they take or design an image. I love looking at behind the scenes shots because there is so much story behind the creation of an image that you don’t necessarily get when looking at the final piece.

For the series I am just beginning, I will be taking a lot of behind-the-scenes images for one of my professors from UNF to use in his Fabricated Photography class this spring, but of course, I will also be sharing those behind-the-scene looks with you. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out these set-up shots by photographer JD Hancock.

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