Day 11 of the A to Z challenge, and the letter is K. K for Kaleidoscope


kaleidoscope 1

kaleidoscope 2

kaleidoscope 3

kaleidoscope 6

kaleidoscope 4

kaleidoscope 5

kaleidoscope with figure

These images are shot through the eye hole of a Kaleidoscope. You can see the figure of a person in the last image – that’s an ho scale figure taped to the outside of the kaleidoscope (I have to fix my spelling every single time on that word…).

{Also linking to yesterday’s Daily Prompt, Interplanet Janet and this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Afloat. Because the beads are all floating about inside the Kaleidoscope and the figure of the man in the image makes me think of another world/ a man floating through time and space.}

See all my posts for the A to Z challenge here: http://jennifernicholewells.com/tag/a-to-z-challenge/

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  1. This is one of my all time favorites! It reminds me of my son. He has cortical vision impairment (legally blind) one of the early intervention strategies was to encourage visual curiosity by stimulating the vision. A kaleidoscope is the perfect example of this and one of his favorite non-electronic toys!

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