My cousin, Matt, challenged me to answer some Harry Potter related questions. I don’t really do many get-to-know me posts, so this is as good of a place as any to start.

Quite a few of you said you enjoyed seeing my gallery of images the other day, so here, I’ve compiled some more that I can relate to Harry Potter in some form or another – The Weasley’s house, a mermaid, enchanted bathrooms, cats, kitchens, medieval doorways, a wizard, some ghosts, a patronus and some potions.

  • favorite book: #6, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    • I’ve only read each of the HP books once, so with any book I declare my favorite, I probably need to re-read this one. I know if I do I will gain something new from it. From what I recall, I was very moved by this book. More so than I had been by the others. I felt really connected with the characters – their joys and pains. And as any of you who follow me here will know, I like a tad bit of darkness in my fiction.
  • favorite movie: #4, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    • I was obsessed with this movie when it came out. It’s the only one I own, and when I first got it I watched it over and over. I even watched all the bonus footage and commentary. I like each tableau that the characters must uncover in order to find out what’s next in the triwizard tournament. I especially love the mermaids of course. I really enjoy seeing things illustrated, and while every movie can be considered an illustration of the books, this one was definitely my favorite visually. It’s also here, if I recall correctly that we really get to know Luna. She is the epitome of unique, independent and confident.
  • least favorite movie: I’m going to tentatively say #1, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
    • This is a bit of a cop out answer. Many of the movies sit at the same level for me. And while I recognize that the 1st movie is vastly important in that it introduces us to the characters and their worlds, it’s nowhere near as intriguing as the latter.
  • least favorite book: same as above
    • Once again, important, but since J.K. Rowling aged her books with her audience, it’s hard for me to go back and try to read the first couple. (Don’t hate me too much for saying that).
  • parts of the books/movies that made you cry:
    • I don’t really cry at books and movies in general. I know I know… But of course any of the deaths moved me. I remember my reaction to Dumbledore’s death toward the end of the 6th book, it’s one of the things that made me connect with the novel so well. If not before, now there was no doubt that I was emotionally invested.
  • favorite character:
    • If you couldn’t tell from the above, Luna Lovegood. If only I could be as comfortable with myself as she is with herself. I also love her way with the various creatures that only she can see/ no one else believes in.
  • what would your patronus be?
    • If I really had the choice, I’d want an elephant or owl.
  • if you could have the resurrection stone, invisibility cloak or the elder wand which would you choose?
    • In no way am I going to mess with death. So that just leaves the invisibility cloak. But I mean, who wouldn’t want that cloak anyway?
  • what house would you be in?
    • While I like all the houses, and think Slytherin just gets a bad rap, Gryffindors are a little too cocky for me. So that leaves Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I think I’m somewhere in between the characteristics of the two, on the outside I’m more of a Hufflepuff, while on the inside I’m more of an Ravenclaw. For some reason I just assume I’d get sorted into Hufflepuff though.
  • if you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?
    • Emma Watson. No question about it. She is such an inspiration, especially with her work with the UN. Otherwise, of course I’d meet Evanna Lynch.
  • have you played any of the video games?
    • Nope. I’m not really into video games. I’ve played HP Scene-It and board game a couple times though.
  • if you were on the quiddich team, which position would you play?
    • Oh gosh, you really don’t want me on your sports team. Individual sports, like track, I got you (maybe, depends on my mood)…team sports, while I can be decent at them, I just have no competitive drive. I’ll watch from the sidelines, if I have a friend on the team, otherwise I’ll probably be back in my dormitory, or in town shopping for an owl.
  • were you happy with the ending?
    • Sure. Could have been better, could have been worse. It’s all fairly relative to me at this point. It ended the way the author wanted it to end, and I think that’s important. Now, if we’re talking about the Afterwards, that’s a different story. Everyone with loads of kids, with long convoluted names, starting the Hogwarts process again…While I understand it’s a comfort to some fans, I found it way too cheesy. And as said before, I don’t mind vaguely dark/sad endings.
  • how much does Harry Potter mean to you?
    • I like it, I really do, but I don’t feel like a die-hard fan. Pottermore? really very little interest. Fan fiction? meh, I can do without. Is it a great series of books and movies that allow your imagination to soar to a new world, and that have been credited for creating a new generation of avid readers? Yes. And that’s really all that matters.

Phew, that was longer than I expected. Want to join in? Feel free.

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  1. My daughter and I were great fans of the books and the movies. We have talked a lot about them. I think the first book was more innocent – character introduction etc. Also the movie’s special effects were simpler – if that is the right word. As the years progressed the special effects really improved too. I joined Pottermore and got into Slytherin house. But no, I actively don’t get on all the time. Great responses.

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