The Paper House

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My sister bought me a pop-up book not too long ago really (meaning I’m presumably too old to fall in love with a pop-up book, but we all know that’s not true). I believe I was in high school, so we’ll say 7 years ago, tentatively. It’s called “A Three-Dimensional Victorian Dollhouse” and it’s not just any pop-up book. open it, and it folds out into an entire house, filled with detailed, gorgeous illustration.

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…and in book form, without being popped out

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I’m not sure what I’ll inevitably do with it photo wise, but for the moment I wanted to use lighting to bring the scenes to life, while still leaving hints of the paper/pop-up construction.


Master Bedroom

Living Room




  1. So of course my first though was “I wonder how that is in scale to Lego people?” It’s a sickness, really :)

    I do love the house though, great images and creative setup.

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    1. Haha hmm. Good thought though. I think it might be a tad big for lego people, without having it in front of me, I’d say the toilet is about 2 inches tall. Nothing wrong with having an oversized house though :P

      Thank you so much. On another note, I think lego people would fit on the swing ride in my next post quite nicely.

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      1. Wheeeee! I like the swing rides too.

        I mentioned to M about trying to do more actual staged pics with our collection. Gonna have to be camera phone only for a while still, but we shall see :)

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