During my recent trip to visit family in Ohio, I went to Ikea for the first time ever. While, there I, of course, had to buy their dollhouse furniture set – Huset.


The cardboard box the set comes in has all these decorations you can pop out. So I decided to make a whole room display completely out of the box.

I recorded the process, though my camera died partially through – but I think you’ll get the picture.







    1. I ordered a catalog awhile back but never got it… This was my first time going so I don’t know a ton about their furniture but all their room displays were gun to look at and everything was very pretty. This dollhouse set is replicas of actual furniture they have. How fun would it be to have the minis and the real versions?

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      1. It’s pretty easy really. Some of the bigger sturdier stuff can be tough because there are so many parts and some of them look very similar. But I have a lot of IKEA furniture and have built it all myself. I love going there. And dread it at the same time lol.

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