Share Your World

Cee’s Share Your World, week 39 – Cee posts questions weekly on her blog for other bloggers to answer to get to know each other better. See all my posts for this challenge here.

  • Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?
    • I’ve grown up with cats, so under it is.
I didn't do anything
I didn’t do anything
  • If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
    • Cerulean, 100%. It’s always been my favorite crayon color.
  • You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time?
    • I had a talk with one of my friends during college about how I wasn’t capable of doing nothing, how I couldn’t shut off my brain. I was unaware at the time, but I now know that as anxiety. I’m doing much better now (depending on your definition of better). I still occasionally stress myself out when trying to binge watch netflix or nap on a Sunday by thinking of all the things I “should” be doing, but other times I’m perfectly content to not move one bit.
  • Rather:  Would you accept $5,000 to shave your head or die it bright lime green and continue your normal activities while not explaining the reason for your haircut or color?
    • I’ve often considered shaving my head out of frustration over my hair/scalp. Do I think I’d look good without hair? Not at all, hence me not doing it yet. But if someone offered my $5000 I think that’d be the extra push I needed. I’d probably wear scarves and stuff on my head though.
  • What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
    • I’m grateful that I got to see my cousin for his birthday this past weekend and that fear submissions for issue 2 of fēlan started rolling in.TEXT HERE
    • I’m looking forward to getting some rest and catching up on work (well not the catching up part, but the being caught up…).




11 Replies to “Share Your World”

    1. I know, the dollhouse people clearly installed it the wrong way. Couldn’t remove it without breaking it, and I guess the fact that it’s over the top is why the cat got into it.


    1. Thank you! Cerulean is just such a pretty color. I don’t think my current cat would mess with it, though he loves toilet paper and paper towel rolls when they’re not connected to anything, but it’s too much of a habit now…

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    1. Thank you! I love when I’m able to find something I’ve already created that goes along with Cee’s questions/my answers. My actual work is all in emails, but I think the paper represents it better.


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