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Working Miniature Kitchens

The shopping links below may not be active, visit Huss' webpage for all of their current cookers . This post was last updated 11/21/16.

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If you’re on Facebook, Youtube, the internet in general you’ve probably seen some tiny kitchens.

If you haven’t – check out these playlists.

There’s now even a mini cooking cafe!

After seeing these videos, some of you may begin to wonder how you can start your own tiny kitchen. Well, first thing’s first, you’ll need a tiny oven. Each of the below are heated with a tea light candle.

Buy a Working Mini Stove

The oven you see repeated in quite a few videos is an incense burner that can sometimes be found here:

This stove can also sometimes be found on ebay by searching ‘Huss Stove.’

A miniature cast iron oven is also an option. These are vintage replicas of real stoves and are best found on ebay, such as this listing for $36.48,

If you want a specific look or scale, it’s best to either make your own or contact a miniature maker. When first researching this topic, I successfully made on from aluminum and polymer clay.

Make your Own

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own, these tutorials may help.

What to Know

The supplies that come with the first 2 sets listed above are made to be exposed to heat and therefor safe to use. I’ve made my own by cutting aluminum baking sheets and repurposing metal bottle caps. Be aware that metal caps have a plastic lining that you will have to remove before cooking in them.

But observe what’s around you and make it miniature. Here an idea from the facebook group “Dollhouse miniatures made from everyday things.”

Find metal make-up tins to use for cake pans and baking sheets at ebay listings like this one, or simply re-purpose your own. Deeper ones with lids made for lib balm, etc. can be made into sauce pans as well.

For larger set ups, things like mini Altoids tins could work as well, you’ll just want to sand off the colorful coating first. Or buy one that’s already plain.

Questions? Let me know below.

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