JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Cauldron


Welcome to day 21 of this daily Halloween themed challenge.

31 days, 31 topics. Share a photo, drawing, story, poem, quote, etc. every day of October. Each day there will be a new topic, but if you prefer to stray from the topics, as long as your post is Halloween oriented, it counts!

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How to:

  • Create a new blog post that includes a Halloween themed photo, drawing, story, poem, quote, etc.
  • Tag your post #JHC
  • Include a ping back in your post to this page or the daily topic post -or-
  • Share a link to your post here or on the daily topic post
  • Have fun!

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If you don’t see your post listed here within 48 hours or so of posting let me know. To keep up to date with all the contributions follow #jhc in your reader and take a look at the comments on each topic post.

Daily challenges can get tricky in regards to me coming around to comment, but be patient with me, I will make it to your blog!

(Updated 10/24/16 11:00 AM EST)

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Photographer of miniatures and writer on all things small.


    1. Oh goodness. Not the most pleasant story. I intended to fill the cauldron with water and light a tea light below it and capture the steam. However in my aim at getting the cauldron just right I painted it with enamel paint because I was out of other black paints. The paint reacted with the flame of the tea light candle and made for some really terrible fumes. So the smoke you see is from the burning paint. Which actually worked well for the photo. But probably not so well for our health.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Ya, it turned out well, but I can’t imagine how the fumes smelled. Why, girl, you should have told us, because that shit is real. I thought the picture was from the internet or something, my bad.


      1. Lol thank you. I was really just being idiotic because I know for real how bad that stuff can be. Gotta suffer for the art. Jk but I swear I’m normally much more careful than this. In my mind since I didn’t coat the bottom I wasn’t thinking about it reacting.


              1. The plain clay would have been fine. And since cleaning it off I’ve kept it. I just won’t be exposing it to an open flame again any time soon. Not a good idea to use enamel based paint on clay anyway as it deteriorates the clay. I was just thinking about the look of it for the final photo without thinking about any adverse effects. A bit one track minded. You love and you learn.


    3. Oh my. I hope that your lungs will be okay. I have to be very careful about things with fumes. My lungs are damaged already and I have COPD. This puts quite a damper on my pursuit of various arts. I would love nothing better than to be in a dark room again, but can’t risk those fumes, so digital photography is my way to create. I have wanted to try polymer clay as well as pottery for awhile now, but if strong fumes are involved, that lets them out, too.

      Did those unintended fumes dissipate quickly? I hope so!


      1. Thank you. Coughed a bit but we got it all cleared up pretty quickly. Definitely research it but polymer clay is very low odor. I used it in an unintended way as enamel based paint should never be used with it. As long as you use it correctly I think you will be just fine.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you! I couldn’t get the shape quite right so I balled up aluminum foil and shaped the black polymer clay around it then ripped out the foil after baking. The handle is wire and the stand is a wood dowel rod with wire hook and clay base. I wish I had taken some behind the scenes/ in progress shots to share but sadly I didn’t.

          Liked by 1 person

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