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I recently had the honor of collaborating with Exclu Design Collective. They gave me the theme of ‘Survival’ and this is what I came up with. I so appreciate their encouragement and their mission of giving exposure to toy photographers. See all 5 pieces and learn about my process behind below and be sure to click through to Exclu’s site to see work from so many wonderful photographers.


We were incredibly fortunate to recently collaborate with photographer Jennifer Wells to create a new series of images based on a single concept. We tasked Jennifer to show us her interpretation of the word ‘Survival’ and the results really blew us away. We knew when we first spoke with her that she was a true talent behind the lens, but the end product of this collaboration truly raised the bar and pushed the boundaries of what we should expect when we say the term ‘Toy Photography’. Below is the process that Jennifer undertook to reach her final series of images …


“When considering the theme of survival I thought of it in two forms – mental and physical. I was first drawn to responding to it in the mental fashion, as much of my work revolves around this concept – depicting longing and isolation, and hinting at depression and anxiety…

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