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The Toy Photographers blog graciously asked me to write a post about why I do what I do, and that post is now live! If you’re interested, I’d love for you to check it out!


P.S. Exclu is announcing their issue 3 artists, and I’m one of them! Make sure to keep up with them on instagram for more announcements as the issue comes closer to release!


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Pulled from our tag #ata_dreadnoughts and fired back at you for that extra love. This week's hot shots are brought to you from: 📸 @tentacles_just_tentacles 📸 @jennifernicholewells 📸 @capes.and.rifles 📸 @toyzlover 📸 @of.the.crooked 📸 @starrwarrsphotography Such hype shots all around! Make sure to visit their galleries for more great action toy art. As always, thank you for the support and be sure to tune into the @action_toy_art_podcast with all new episodes every Monday to tickle your nerdy bone. ✌🏼️😄 #ata_dreadnoughts #actiontoyart #ata_podcast #ata_marvel #ata_dc #ata_horror_click #toyz_zone #tz_ata #illumin_ata #figfigfigures #actionfigures #toyphotography #ata_feature_weekend

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Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer <3


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Photographer of miniatures and writer on all things small.


  1. I love miniatures, and one of my biggest disappointments was seeing “Miniature Museum” in a guide book for the Los Angeles area, and when we got there, it had been closed permanently just the week before. I may not be remembering right, but don’t you photograph miniatures too? How do I find that blog?


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