Toy Photographer Meet-Ups


[Updated 4/14/17]

Hi everyone,

A second helping of MMM for you today.

As a follow up to my Toy Photography Communities post, I’d like to share some info about Toy Photographer Meet-Up Groups.

A Meet up group is typically a group of locals that supports and learns from each other by occasionally meeting up in person. Where photography is concerned, a meet up will involve taking photos together. They’re great ways to network and grow.

As far as Toy Photography is concerned, the best way to learn about future meet ups is by joining toy photography based groups or following along with toy photo blogs. I highly recommend Toy Photographers and Stuck in Plastic. The Toy Photographers Google + Community even has a thread regarding meet-ups.

Meet Up Groups/Organizers

Scheduled Meet-Ups

A Few Past Meet-Ups

I’ve recently created my own facebook group for Florida based toy photographers. We don’t have any meet-ups planned yet, but I hope to start working on one as soon as the group gains more traction. If you or someone you know is a toy photographer in or around Florida, or you’d be interested in traveling over this way for a meet-up, I’d love for you to join us.

We’ll use this page to get to know one another, share our work and other tips and tricks and plan future meet-ups in the state.

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