Hi everyone,

I’m working on reorganizing things around here to improve the experience for you and me.

As of now, the plan is to continue to host all my current challenges – One Word Photo Challenge, Weekly Weather, Color your World and JNW’s Halloween Challenge. The only difference is that the prompt posts will look a little different.


I’ll post about challenges once a week on Sundays. The post will include a listing of that week’s upcoming themes for all challenges currently going on on this blog, the badge and my image for each and contribution instructions. Just comment on the weekly challenge post with a link to your contribution, no matter what challenge you’re joining in on.

You can of course always follow along with the upcoming topics at the links above.

I certainly hope this isn’t too confusing and that it will actually help you plan ahead.

Along with challenges posted on Sundays I’ll have more content for you too! The blog will look a little something like this:

Daily: New photos

Sundays: Blog Challenge Announcement

Mondays: My Mini Monday including miniature diys, toy photography behind the scenes, and miscellaneous other miniature musings

Tuesdays – Saturdays: Misc. articles, musing and image series

I think this will all be much more clear once the first challenge post appears. For consistency, the first new formatted challenge post will be up tomorrow, then going forward will be shared on Sundays.

Thanks for understanding.



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Tourmaline .

Photographer of miniatures and writer on all things small.


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