Mysterio Unknown

I recently had the opportunity to create a brand new series for Exclu Collective’s Villains week.

For this, I used HeroClix figures cut away from their bases (purchased for just 50 cents a piece at a flea market), a 1980s Lil House Wonderful dollhouse, 1990s beach babies accessories, a DnD carousel horse,  and various model train O scale accessories. Surprisingly, all of these things are the same scale and thus were begging to be used together.

My simple statement: Villains have personal lives too. Albeit probably some strange ones. When not in the spotlight they have a variety of past times and those that live with them have learned to largely ignore their oddities.

These characters are from Marvel –Spiderman’s Mysterio and Overdrive, Hulk’s A.I.M. Renegade and X-Men’s Starbolt.

Over the next week I’ll be posting an image a day from this series, but if you’d like to go ahead and see them all, check out Exclu’s instagram account here.

And here’s a shot to give you some perspective on scale:

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