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Want to know more about me and my thoughts on creativity? Check out these places around the web where I’ve been lucky enough to share all about it.

First on April 10th I was featured on the instagram account PopShopLive. An instagram interview was definitely a first for me, and what an honor it was being featured along side such widely followed toy photo accounts.

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Jennifer Nichole Wells,(@jennifernicholewells) from Jacksonville, Florida, USA has a cool story about action figures collection and toy photography. Read a bit more, comment below to send love! What got you into action figures/action figure photography? I started officially photographing toys in college. For me, they are the best way to create narrative and emotion photographically. Where do you usually get your figures? Really anywhere. I think of what I want to photograph then look for figures that will work. Primarily though, I'd say Amazon and eBay. What’s your fav action figure photo so far? Right now I'm really feeling an image I made with Argus from the Acid Rain line where he's holding the hand of a little girl, both wearing gas masks, in the middle of a desert. What’s the craziest thing you have done to get a figure/figure photo? Honestly, I don't know. I mostly shoot inside so nothing seems too adventurous. I did set a mini wooden barn on fire in the bathroom once though and last time I shot outside I had 2 stray cats rolling around under where I was squatting to get the shot with angry geese approaching from the other side. What inspired you to start this Instagram? I've been on instagram for awhile- since 2012 or so. I joined just to have one, since it was the thing all of my friends were getting at the time. However, only in the past 6 months or so have I really focused my account, consistently hashtagged, gotten to know other instagrammers, etc. What's your favorite action figure photography IG account? I have to say either @the_left_hand_side or @decomp_rob. Very different accounts, but both really cool guys and great photographers.

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I also have some new posts up on the Toy Photographers blog!

Exclu is doing themed toy photography weeks on their account.

On 4/25 they shared my Iron Man image for Marvel Legends week.

Then, the week of 5/1 was Villains week, and I created a brand new series of villains just for Exclu. Stay tuned to see all the images. In the next week I’ll be posting them here to my blog.

And finally, the newest issue of Here Comes Everyone is here! The topic is Toys and Games and 2 of my Monachopis images can be found inside the pages.

See the full list of contributors here.

And purchase your own copy here.

You can also read some of the poetry that was not included in this issue on their blog, here.

Thanks for catching up with me!

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