Resin & Alcohol Ink Petri Pendants (Video)

I’ve been crafting off and on and recording the process on my YouTube channel. My creative drive has had a short attention span as of late, so I’ve been switching back and forth between creating sets, photographing, blogging and making videos.

I was in a pretty good video stride a couple months ago and prior, posting weekly. Then my external hard drive crashed. It had all of my video content on it, including the images I made for each video and many, not yet published video clips. I was and am still very disappointed. I should have of course had a back up, but being so new to video making, I honestly hadn’t thought about it. 

There were a lot of small clips I won’t get back, and probably a lot of video topics I just won’t do at this point as the making already occurred and I don’t want to re-do things just for YouTube.

That said, I had been working on quite a few resin pieces, and the videos for those, in their raw forms, were still on my SD card. So, I now present to you one of those projects – just a relaxing watch me, resin pouring and music. 

That said, if you do want to know more about the project, feel free to ask.


  • silicone chocolate mold
  • glitter & sprinkles
  • cabachons
  • alcohol ink
  • 2 part epoxy resin
  • necklace cord/chain
  • UV resin (for adding bits after the pieces are de-molded)

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