Painted Lady Monarchs

Painted Lady Monarch

Last Saturday, May 18, I attended a release of Painted Lady Monarchs at the Jacksonville Arboretum!

I love the place, but I didn’t know that they did yearly butterfly releases, and I’m so glad I heard about it this year.

So first, here’s a slideshow of the previous time I wandered the trails here. Some images I failed to share on this blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday morning however, began with a talk on butterfly conservation, a caterpillar enclosure and plant and seed giveaways. Then the children in attendance were handed folded pieces of paper, each containing a butterfly. When I say children, I mostly mean the parent’s of, so that the butterflies would be carefully handed. The papers were then unfolded in the nectar garden, and the butterflies went on their ways.

And here are my images from the day!


Have you ever been to a butterfly release or butterfly garden? One way or another, tell me about it.


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  1. Such beautiful creatures! We too have some butterfly enclosures here in Singapore but I don’t think we have a monarch. I would love to see them one day. I simply adore butterflies. :) – amor


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