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2020 In Review


Wedding planning in full force.


I started working full time as a photographer for a toy company. It was a terrible place to work. 6 months later I went back to my photo lead position at a tech company. That’s a long story.

I also participated in an art market at The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry (a cute café with some of my art on the walls). I made lots of resin pieces and a wood burnt tray to sell alongside some photos.


I got married! Everything shut down 2 days later and we had a staycation honeymoon.


I finally got some photo mojo back.


I apparently had a lot of blog motivation this month.


My research led me to a toy photo from 1898!


One of my most fun resin projects!



I decided to host a Halloween challenge, Lenscratch published my self-quarantine cat photo, me and my mom harnessed what I learned in 2019 at Indigo Art Therapy for our own intuitive painting session, and I traveled to Texas to train a new employee.


The Halloween challege was in full force and I traveled to Idaho for work.


I planned my first ever Christmas challenge,


The Christmas challenge was in full force, I began selling my art online and I participated in a show/sale at The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry.

Looking ahead to 2021

How did your 2020 turn out? Mine definitely had more stressors than I mention here. But I like using these end of year posts to focus on the good.

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