Le Petit Prince in Toy Photographs

I recently attended the first ever virtual Toy Photographer’s Meet up. 3 days of presenters, discussions and activities with other photographers from all over the world, who use toys for their narratives.

For one project, teams worked on images collaboratively for an assigned theme. I was teamed up with Teddi Deppner (@teddi_toyworld) and Matthew Wyjad (@morriswhyadd), and we were given the theme ‘scene from a book.’

Going back and forth on possibly interesting books, books with movies, books we’d all read or could read quickly etc. we landed on Le Petit Prince (The Little Pince) and set out to illustrate it in 6 images. 2 images each with scenes from the beginning to end of the story, in an attempt to affectively tell the story in full. We each even made a couple more images than necessary to give ourselves a fuller scope to choose from.

And here it is, our 6 image narrative. Click on the first image to see the gallery in full screen and read the titles which are pertaining quotes from the story.

Here’s all 4 I created to be chosen between. If I had miniatures for the scene, I made it. A tiny plane, a hand made throne (for a series I slightly began working on a few years back), a ribbon flower and tiny glass dome, plastic wedding doves and a tiny boy figure painted red and green.

Follow me on instagram – @tourmalinenow and check out Morris’ and Teddi’s pages in the links above to see/hear more from them.

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