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Phone Pictures without Homes

I went through the entirety of the year on my phone’s image gallery. I was anticipating the end of year posts you’ve seen here and trying to recall the year. In any case, here are some pictures that never received a home here.

A fairy home photographed at my friend’s homestead farm
An upward look at some trees at the Jacksonville Arboretum
A portion of Halloween decor in my friend’s yard
My overly edited fingers on a Flarp display box from my time working at Ja-Ru Toys
A Cuban Tree Frog at my apartment complex
My lovely cat
My very distorted face in a reflective ornament I was setting up for a photograph at work.
A decor piece set up for imagery at work
HO scale wrestlers I made for a documentary proof of concept
A Lightroom error displaying a distorted view of multiple cookie images
A new shelf in my art space
Trinkets posed on my closed laptop
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