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Sticky Orbs as Toy Photography Props

I brought home a bouncy ball making kit from work. I made these as a kid and knew I wanted to make them again and also use them as photography props. So, I made them, and I posed them and placed little figures around them.

A small child holding a teddy bear in the foreground. 2 distant figures beckon. The figure on the left has a snake hanging above their head.

In the process of making the bouncy balls, I thought of another sticky children’s art kit I’d used for photos before. So I got out my Orb Molecules set as well.

I selected the tiniest options from the set – teal, black and white. Then I found figures to match. Tiny horseback soldiers. Each almost disappears in their surroundings.

I do think I much prefer the image I made a couple of years ago with these sticky orbs, but there’s something to the one above nonetheless.

Lost, 2018
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