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Current Miniature Exhibits to See!

Miniatures are always floating around the gallery scene. I’ve chronicled these miniature exhibits, to the best of my ability, in the links provided at the end of this post, but additionally, I’d like to feature some new ones here from time to time. So let’s begin –

A critical look at Levinthal’s work, and whether his voice was suitable, without lived experience, to create depictions of sexuality and race – conversations created through Levinthal’s work. Does he make successful work because of the conversation it incurs?

I’ll be delving more into the essays on this exhibit soon, so keep an eye on this space.

On view through February 28, 2022

Fairgrounds St. Pete

Immersive, largely surreal, art, with the occasional mini or nod to minis, or maybe you’ll just feel like you’re in a dollhouse. In any case, no matter the stretch made here, Fairgrounds St. Pete needed an impromptu seat to the miniature gallery listing.

On view, well, forever, I think.

Check out the below lists as well and let me know if you know of any that should be added!

Find more here –

I’ll have a few more artists interviews up soon as well. This blog is a place I envision as a one stop shop for news on minis, and the photography of those minis. Blog challenges, my art musings and mini and photography news – my main passions in life.

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