World Dream Day

There are so many “holidays” every day – this is my attempt at a daily photo response. Check out and for future post topics. Join in by tagging #todayis or simply leave a link to your contribution below. I’d love to see what you come up with for all these crazy holidays. Contribution links will… Continue Reading →

A Technological Surrealist Endeavor

A more in depth look at the study of dreams, done for a project outside my normal blog content. I was told to be as in depth as possible, which is fully impossible given the long history of dream research, dating back to Ancient Egypt. However, for the purposes of this blog, what I did… Continue Reading →

Connecting the Pieces

Every piece I’ve made prior to my most recent one, paved the way to that most recent piece. I get comments on occasion that something I’ve shared is very different for me or that my style is evolving. In no way am I upset by these comments, in part, they’re correct. And I’m glad the… Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: May 2 – 8

Sunday I hung around home. I started experimenting with some pictures of my recently acquired glass head and brain stormed how I want to move forward with the series. I tried to refocus on some in progress blogs, specifically one on surrealism and Freud’s dream theories, but the deeper I go, while I still very… Continue Reading →

Art and the Search for the Unconscious

“As the longest-running avant-garde movement of the 20th century, Surrealism’s scope and richness is perhaps unparalleled in its influence of modern art and culture.” (2) Theory of the Unconscious In 1900 and then 1905, Freud developed a model of the unconscious mind. In 1915 Freud further defined this model. The mind is an iceberg. The… Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: April 25 – May 1

Sunday Eric and I went gallivanting about. He made us pancakes before bed. I kept reading Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams. It will be interesting to know more about it, but it’s a very blah book to read. I went through old art journals, searching for a journal I kept in childhood. I didn’t find the… Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: April 18-24

I got the action figure I was waiting on Sunday night and my fairies and parking lot on Monday! Still wasn’t feeling great this week, but I went to work everyday, went to my parents house for dinner Monday, finally finished the ‘Working Toy Photographers‘ listing that I announced in January, and started reading Freud’s… Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: April 4-10

Trying something out and updating you on the days of my life. Art creation behind the scenes, pictures of my cat and so on. Sunday Went to my parent’s house for Easter dinner. Then went home and hung out with my cat Wolfgang. Finished episode 2 of The Vow on HBO Max, waiting to watch… Continue Reading →

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