SBN, a toy photography podcast

I just had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by The SBN Podcast on my toy photography. Do give this episode a watch or listen.

Austin Anderson

Today I’m very excited to share some insight into the fabulous artist, Austin Anderson. I became familiar with his work, and got to know him online and then later had the opportunity to meet him in person! He creates beautiful images and tells very compelling stories along with them. Read his interview here, soak in… Continue Reading →

Color your World: Manatee

Share a post inspired by the color(s) on your own blog or social media. A poem, flash fiction, photo, drawing, whatever you’d like!

Commissions & Sponsorships

If you’d like to commission me for product photography, toy photography, or any sort of art creation, contact me here. Coo Coo’s Coffee Product and still life photography for web and social media Product & Food Photography Creating product image assets both physically and digitally. Savage – Rakontur Media for WWE & A&E Art direction,… Continue Reading →

Empire Toy Works

I have been enamored by the work of Chris Shaylor of Empire Toy Works for quite some time now. His intricacy, detail, colors, and so much more, intrigue me. I am so excited to share this interview with you. I hope you enjoy learning more about him, or maybe being newly introduced to him. Let… Continue Reading →

Current Miniature Exhibits to See!

the links provided at the end of this post, but additionally, I’d like to feature some new ones here from time to time. So let’s begin –

Weekly Recap: October 31 – November 6

Halloween Sunday was Halloween! Somehow that already seems like a lifetime ago. I went over to my parents to help pass out candy to trick or treaters. We don’t get anyone trick or treating at our apartment compex so it’s fun seeing all the kids in their costumes.

How Toy Photography Fits within Photography

First and foremost, toy photography is photography. The term “toy photography” only came to use after the internet age, within the past 15 years or so – primarily through social media like flickr. But toy photography has existed since at least 1898 (123 years ago), and can be traced back even to the invention of photography, all falling instead into the categories I’ll outline here.

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