Lensbaby OMNI Filter Effects for Free

The handed to you, but pricey way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z_aNmnk1Yo Lensbaby is a popular photography company that makes more unique photographic lenses and gadgets. And don't get me wrong, I'm a fan. I have one of their, now discontinued, Control Freak tilt shift lenses. However, they recently released an OMNI creative filter system, and while it's a... Continue Reading →

10+ FAQs of Toy Photography

Some frequently asked questions and answers! Let me know what I missed in a comment below whether on the question or answer side! Click on a question in the list below to be taken directly to that spot on the page. How do I take realistic images of toys? How do I create practical effects... Continue Reading →

Toy Photography and Nostalgia

"There's a vast difference between inspiration and imitation." Jamie Windsor recently released a video on nostalgia in photography, and while I tend to make response posts to things I disagree on, I whole heartedly agree with his video, and there are so many parallels to toy photography - this niche in which I reside. So... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Master of your Field

Fstoppers, a popular photography website, released a 2 part blog series this past July entitled "How Long Will It Take You to Master Photography?" While they did address this opinion in their part 2 post (linked above), I'm here to firmly say that you will never master photography, and you shouldn't want to. Become an... Continue Reading →

Creating Emotional Toy Photographs

Photography is all about light, composition and, most importantly, emotion. - Larry Wilder I aim to make emotive photos that elicit an emotional response in the viewer. Whether I'm successful in that or not is really up to you, but I feel, to a degree I am. It starts with emotions I feel poured out... Continue Reading →

Being in the Game

I originally wrote this post, and published it on Toy Photographers in 2017, but it constantly remains oh so relevant. The very first play in The Photographer’s Playbook asks the reader to figure out what game they’re playing. So, I say to myself, “I’m creating because I have a creative drive.” But this needs to... Continue Reading →

What I Learned at My First WordCamp

June 29 & 30 I attended my first ever WordCamp. #wcjax

Making Miniature Pottery

I never know if it's simply the miniature spaces I frequent, or a worldwide phenomenon, but I've been seeing miniature pottery pop up everywhere. Maybe not as popular as miniature cooking, but a close second. And I might just like watching miniature pottery throwing videos more than mini cooking videos. But that's just me. In... Continue Reading →

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