Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

This image is from one of my newest series, NYPD. I shared the entire series not too long ago here. As soon as I saw the prompt for this week’s challenge, I knew this was the image I had to use. The city of New York, behind the police officers is just over 2″ tall.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object”

One Word Photo Challenge

Skip to: Rules, Topics, Dates, Past Topics Each Sunday, I post a new word. Use the word as a starting point for your creativity. Look through your image archives, or create a new photo, painting, drawing, story, poem etc. that you feel fits the theme. To participate: Create a new post on your blog titled “OneContinue reading “One Word Photo Challenge”

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

“Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.” Mirrors! The picture of the man looking at his reflection is a scanned in silver gelatin print from a 35mm negative of an Aragorn (Lord of the Rings) action figure sitting on a dollhouse scale chair. The third image was created the same way- a silver gelatin print fromContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I’m a couple days late and you’ve probably seen these images before, but I wanted to jump back in to the weekly photo challenges and I really do love these 3 pictures. The 1st and 2nd are from the series “Change.” The first taken through the window the Main Jacksonville Library branch, downtown on N.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window”

Daily Photo Prompt: Journey

These images are not new, but I think they represent “journey” quite well. I plan to do more images with cars in the future. View more posts like this here.

Daily Photo Prompt: Green

In my mind, mermaids are jealous creatures, but I think maybe I confuse them with sirens. To try to clear things up, I googled “mermaids and jealousy” and came across this article: Mermaids Origin and Etymology. “Greeks philosophers further more refined the thought of origin of life that came from the sea with the creationContinue reading “Daily Photo Prompt: Green”