Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

I’m a couple days late and you’ve probably seen these images before, but I wanted to jump back in to the weekly photo challenges and I really do love these 3 pictures.

The 1st and 2nd are from the series “Change.” The first taken through the window the Main Jacksonville Library branch, downtown on N. Laura St.- looking down on Hemming Plaza. The 2nd taken from the viewpoint of an interior window sill in a classroom at Public School #4 in Jacksonville.

The 3rd image is from the series “The Conception and Sensation of Time.” These windows are miniature. I really liked having the building lit from the inside- I’d never used pre-lighted miniatures before this point (I now have light-up ho scale computers that I will be playing with soon!).

Daily Photo Prompt: Journey

These images are not new, but I think they represent “journey” quite well. I plan to do more images with cars in the future.

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Daily Photo Prompt: Green

dont drift away

In my mind, mermaids are jealous creatures, but I think maybe I confuse them with sirens. To try to clear things up, I googled “mermaids and jealousy” and came across this article: Mermaids Origin and Etymology.

“Greeks philosophers further more refined the thought of origin of life that came from the sea with the creation of two female goddesses Aphrodite (meaning “born from the sea foam”) and Venus. They represented the creation, fertility and love, but were also very vengeful, cruel, jealous and proud. Because of that, Greeks viewed mermaids as the creatures that preyed on the men. They named them Sirens…”

Turns out mermaids, with their green tails, really are associated with jealousy.

For this image, that you may have seen here before, I took a nude ho scale (about 3/4″ tall) female figure and constructed a tail out of polymer clay, I then attached the mermaid with super glue to a piece of clear thread that I glued to an orange rock. I placed the rock in a glass bowl and filled the bowl with water (it had gathered some dust while sitting around). I put a few drops of blue and green food coloring in the bowl, lit the scene with 2 tea light candles and shot the image while the food coloring was still swirling together. The dust created the white specks which I think is a beautiful effect.

I’m considering experimenting with a whole underwater series. What do you think?

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Season of Spring

This miniature thing has been going on in my life for as far back as I can remember. I designed little worlds (mainly houses) for my dolls. I would make dollhouse furniture from kits with my mother and decorations from paint and things I found in our craft supplies. I remember this book I loved that I got from the Scholastic book fair where you punched out all these separate furniture pieces and glued them together. The resulting glossy card stock furniture was the perfect size for Fashion Polly.

For this challenge I found a couple of these things- a wooden picket fence I painted with hobby acrylic paint and a bouquet of little fake blue flowers stuck in a tiny piece of floral foam that I painted red. I placed these items in a set-up I’m currently using for a series and photographed them with my iPhone, editing them in tadaa. I suppose it’s a comment on the flowers of spring, the details of my childhood and the technology of my present.

image image (1)

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Textures

So, I’m finally posting a blog for April’s Fun Foto Challenge, Textures. I’ve been thinking about the images below as I consider the project I am currently developing/ working on. I am bringing together a lot of what has been on my mind as well as what I’ve learned from considering my past work. These images represent the first time I ever added text to photographic work. I really strove to make the text become part of the image itself, allowing the texture of the brick to show through. Text is now spilling into my thoughts as I juggle freelance design work with my personal photographic work, but I really think text has the potential to add to a photograph.

once upon a time

but don't go into

To create these images, I combined portraits of Beatrix Potter throughout her life with illustrations from her books and brick backgrounds that I shot in Fernandina Beach. I then added color to the rabbits and added text from the specific books each illustration was taken from.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I’m going to take this opportunity to explain a past image.

The World is Full of Bad People and People who Don't Care when Life is Bad for You (2)

This image is part of my series The Conception and Sensation of Time. I wanted to take a photo looking up from below to lend more clarity to what was happening in this image:

The World is Full of Bad People and People who Don't Care when Life is Bad for YouThis task is easier said than done when you’re figures are 3/4″-1″ tall and the width of your camera lens is 4-5 times larger than that.

So, I popped the figures off of the set and held them, super glued together, in the air.

It’s not like this idea is massively creative, but I think it’s interesting to know what was going on in someone’s head when they take or design an image. I love looking at behind the scenes shots because there is so much story behind the creation of an image that you don’t necessarily get when looking at the final piece.

For the series I am just beginning, I will be taking a lot of behind-the-scenes images for one of my professors from UNF to use in his Fabricated Photography class this spring, but of course, I will also be sharing those behind-the-scene looks with you. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out these set-up shots by photographer JD Hancock.