Art and the Search for the Unconscious

"As the longest-running avant-garde movement of the 20th century, Surrealism’s scope and richness is perhaps unparalleled in its influence of modern art and culture." (2) Theory of the Unconscious In 1900 and then 1905, Freud developed a model of the unconscious mind. In 1915 Freud further defined this model. The mind is an iceberg. The... Continue Reading →

Who Invented Toy Photography?

No one. It's my new mission to help Google search results for toy photography questions. Right now, you search this question and get the name of someone that leads to an article that says something to the effect of - "remembers creating his first toy photos in the 80s." So, not an answer to the... Continue Reading →

How Toy Photography has Changed Over Time: 1898 to Present Day

Toy photography, in large part, has followed the same trends as photography as a whole and art of other mediums over the years. Here's the brakdown. Updated 7/7/2021 Early Photography Albert Smith and James Stuart Blackton, Raising Old Glory Over Morro Castle, 1898Bombardment of Matanzas, Edward H. Amet, 1898Death in the Air, Wesley David Archer,... Continue Reading →

Record of All Working Toy Photographers

I'm starting a list of all the toy photographers in the world. Or at least I'm trying to, with your help. Let's all collectively become a part of the history of toy photography, by sealing it on record. If you're a toy photographer, go to this link and full out your info. All of the... Continue Reading →

A Stop Motion Animated Film from 1934 "Starewicz had become a master animator by 1933, incorporating techniques never used before and rarely since (such as moving the puppets during the actual exposure to create blurring for fast movement). His use of rear-screen projection is also surprisingly effective. But more important than these technical details is the great humor of his writing... Continue Reading →

Historic Dabbling in the World of Toys – Bahaus, Fotografia Metafisica, Surreal

While toy photography is a genre all its own, toys and miniatures in an of themselves are iconographic objects. This has led photographers who don’t always or often use toys in their work, to occasionally pull from the iconography of these objects. László Moholy-Nagy Maholy-Nagy believed art could lead to social transformation. From painting, to... Continue Reading →

120+ Photographs of People with Toys, Library of Congress, 1840-1950

As we well know, toys are as old as time - A Timeline of the History of Miniatures: From Ritual and Religious Object to Plaything and CollectibleThe History and Psychology of Toys But toy photography, my research topic of choice, cuts out the human owners from the scene. Symbolic depictions of me are in all my work,... Continue Reading →

A Toy Photograph from 1894

The Parisian Doll show, Liberal Arts Building, World's Columbian Exposition, Kilburn, B. W. (Benjamin West), 1894, A toy photo, or photo of toys, you choose. But if it's a toy photograph, it's the earliest I've found so far. And if its simply a photo of toys, its still a pretty cool find. In quoting myself... Continue Reading →

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