2 Replies to “IMG_1331”

  1. Spooky! I really love this series – and keep coming back. These pictures seem to display what I call “working from darkness” for lack of better words. I first admired this technique (?) in some of El Greco’s paintings … I am still not sure if I am on to something here. If you like, try to check out Nicole Ahland from Wiesbaden (should work via Google): She seems to do something similar with radically different subjects; her treatment of light (and darkness) is a very strong source of inspiraton for me.


    1. Thank you so much. This series is my nod to noir, as I’m sure you’ve gathered. I’ve left it alone for now, but I’m sure I will return again soon. Thank you for letting my know about Nicole Ahland. Such stunning imagery I’ve seen from her so far after just googling. I really do love the play of light and darkness – and heavy shadows.


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