Going Up and Sitting On, Stairways

Post 2 in continuing to explore the repeating themes in my work. See the first post here. I swear I thought I had done this one even more so, but I think in part I had one more planned that never panned out. I'm sure I'll continue to return to stairs regardless. 2016 2018 Monochrome... Continue Reading →

Is 1/12 scale the best scale for toy photography?

Figuring out which scale will work best for your toy photography.

1:12 Scale Dollhouse Clothing

I've been photographing my 5 inch tall Body Chan doll for some time. Her smooth, bare, plastic body was precisely what I wanted for the photos I envisioned with her. Her grey plastic nudity seemed to offend some poeple however and I got numerous messages about dressing her. I did not buy her any clothing.... Continue Reading →

My Muses

I wrote a list back in April of 2017 on toyphotographers.com about my 5 favorite figures to photograph. While those 5 will always remain near and dear to my heart, my current muses are much different.

Making it Grey

I'd like to think while the Headlights images allow the viewer to imagine what's happening in the pictured figure's life, the Monochrome images allow the viewer to relate and insert their own experiences into the life of the pictured figure. So, desaturated narratives. Maybe that's my niche.What's yours?

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