Sunday Stills: Barns in Black and White

Georgia Barn

Okay, so I know this isn’t in black and white, but it still counts, I promise (well, sorta). Let me explain:

I took this image of an abandoned barn in Georgia quite awhile back. I had been visiting my sister in Tallahassee and wanted to find an old barn with this specific image in mind- so we took a bit of a road trip.

I printed the image in black and white on matte paper. I then hand-colored the image with pastel and colored pencil. I printed parts of the image (the brighter, shinier squares you see) in color on lustre paper and attached these pieces in their proper spaces with squares of balso wood above the matte background.Then, I glued on dirt, leaves, grass, flowers, twigs and wood pieces to add a tactical nature to the image.

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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Back of Things

I rarely ever take photos in black and white, not since my film classes that is. There’s something about being able to incorporate color in my images that I love. However, since I seem to have lots of photos of the back of things, I did some re-edits out of curiosity to see what my color images would look like in black and white. With each of the miniature images I had to increase the brightness after desaturating to bring back in the details. Oddly enough, with the image of the dog (the only non-miniature I included) I has to decrease the brightness. Even so, I actually quite like most of these in black and white.

While my WWII is based on a lot of color symbolism, I do really like this specific image from the series (the man knocking on the door) in black and white- I think it lends to the historic look- the series taking place in the 1940s.

As a comparison, here are a few of my images of the back of things originally created in black and white.

This challenge may have given me just the push I need to create the black and white film noir inspired images I’ve been thinking about.

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One Word Photo Challenge

Untitled design

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Each Sunday, I post a new word. Use the word as a starting point for your creativity. Look through your image archives, or create a new photo, painting, drawing, story, poem etc. that you feel fits the theme.

To participate:

  • Create a new post on your blog titled “One Word Photo Challenge: (current week’s topic)”
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  • Tag your post with “One Word Photo Challenge” so that others can find your contribution
  • Have fun!

Links to your contribution will be shared on the next week’s post.

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Part III: People, Places & Things

I’m going to try mixing up some series here, for those of you who don’t like one or another. I mixed my ideas for the 3 different sections together alphabetically. So here we go, taking us through 2019. Obviously if we all get bored midway through there’s room for flexibility.

The 3 categories that the topics fall into…

People & Creatures
Places & Things
Photo Terms

Be creative! You don’t actually have to share a picture of the literal word, find your own meaning. Maybe for ‘ant’ share an image of an antelope, a piece of fruit ants got into, a story, poem, drawing, etc. about an ant. It only has to make sense to you!



Challenge Topics & Start Dates. Topics run from the Tuesday listed, through the following Monday.

  • Pig – June 10
  • Pillow – 17
  • Place – 24
  • Plant – July 1
  • Pool – 8
  • Porcupine – 15
  • Portrait – 22
  • Positive – 29
  • Rhinoceros
  • Sale
  • Scale
  • Seal
  • Seat
  • Selfie
  • Shake
  • Shark
  • Sheep
  • Shoes
  • Show
  • Shutter
  • Sketchbook
  • Skunk
  • Snake
  • Space
  • Spider
  • Squirrel
  • Store
  • Stork

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*While originally published January 2014, this post is constantly updated with the most current One Word Photo Challenge information.*

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

“Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.”


The picture of the man looking at his reflection is a scanned in silver gelatin print from a 35mm negative of an Aragorn (Lord of the Rings) action figure sitting on a dollhouse scale chair.

The third image was created the same way- a silver gelatin print from a 35mm negative- however, it’s not miniature like the images you normally see on my page, nor is it a double exposure like it appears- the bottom half is a small square mirror propped against the black screw-like object that you see blurred out in the top and clearly in the mirror. Make sense? probably not…

The middle image is a miniature city built out of staples, washers, screws, etc. and placed atop and in front of 2 mirrors-taken with my tried and true method- my dslr camera.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern




a. A model or original used as an archetype.
b. A person or thing considered worthy of imitation.
2. A plan, diagram, or model to be followed in making things: a dress pattern. See Synonyms at ideal.
3. A representative sample; a specimen.

a. An artistic or decorative design: a paisley pattern. See Synonyms at figure.
b. A design of natural or accidental origin: patterns of bird formations.
5. A consistent, characteristic form, style, or method, as:

a. A composite of traits or features characteristic of an individual or a group: one’s pattern of behavior.
b. Form and style in an artistic work or body of artistic works.

a. The configuration of gunshots upon a target that is used as an indication of skill in shooting.
b. The distribution and spread, around a targeted region, of spent shrapnel, bomb fragments, or shot from a shotgun.
7. Enough material to make a complete garment.
8. A test pattern.
9. The flight path of an aircraft about to land: a flight pattern.
10. Football A pass pattern.

With these definitions I venture to say that there are patterns in the stars, such as the constellations or simply that the stars in the sky are a pattern in themselves.

With that, the space craft below is also a pattern- a miniature diagram/representation of the real thing.

This image was taken with an iPhone 4s and edited with vsco cam. The picture is of a 1:72 scale unpainted plastic space craft laid on black glitter glued to foam core.
This image was taken with an iPhone 4s and edited with vsco cam. The picture is of a 1:72 scale unpainted plastic space craft laid on black glitter glued to foam core.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

So this isn’t actually my lunch, but I had to include a miniature picture somewhere :P


In reality, I'm at work, and a very lovely friend brought me sliced apples, a quesadilla and salsa for lunch. I love when people bring me lunch, it's so thoughtful and wonderful.
In reality, I’m at work, and a very lovely friend brought me sliced apples, a quesadilla and salsa for lunch. I love when people bring me lunch, it’s so thoughtful and wonderful.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

So, no, I didn’t take these photos this week, but I did take them quite recently, and I’ve been so crazy busy with this senior project that creating photos for some other purpose really doesn’t seem very plausible at the moment. However, I really want to start giving this weekly photo challenge thing a try.

Both of these images were taken at Public School #4, here in Jacksonville. The first is a detail shot of one of the old classrooms. The floor is coated in old school records from the 70s. The 2nd image was taken on the stage of the school’s auditorium. This stage has suffered so much fire damage, and everything is in crumbly, burnt, pieces. The figures are both HO-scale (roughly 1″ tall). I used my Canon eos rebel t1i with a 100mm lens.

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