2012, A Look Back

While certainly not the only images of note that I created in 2012, I began this blog in July of that year and am going to go with the assumption that the images I chose to share here were some of my best. I have delved deeper in my collegiate and prior photo history, andContinue reading “2012, A Look Back”

What We Keep by Bill Shapiro and Naomi Wax, A Reflection

“What makes these objects so evocative for us is that they hold the memories of people, of relationships, of places and moments and milestones that speak to our own identity.” We like to criticize consumer culture, and with good reason. But as with everything, there is also good that comes with inanimate objects. A findingContinue reading “What We Keep by Bill Shapiro and Naomi Wax, A Reflection”

D.C. in Miniature

Back in December I visited Washington D.C. for the first time ever. The weather was dreary, but I was determined to get some #bigstufflittlestuff images while there, a continuation of my Italy Souvenirs series if you will where I took images of mini monuments in front of their full scale counterparts, the souvenir remaining inContinue reading “D.C. in Miniature”

Castillo de San Marcos

In historic St. Augustine today, I bought a miniature fort and took a photo of it in front of the real thing. I’ve been considering continuing my Souvenirs series in America for quite some time and this serves as the first of the Souvenirs (2) series. The souvenir represents the tokens we take home withContinue reading “Castillo de San Marcos”