Revisiting the Deep Dream Generator

I last blogged about Google’s Deep Dream in 2015. So the ai has had 5 years to learn. With the recent ai blog experiment, it seemed like it was time to take a look back. And the Deep Dream Generator does have a lot more options now.

I started with this image:

And generated these renditions:

I got the best results from Thin Style, with similar result from Deep Style where you select an art style to merge with your uploaded image. The standard Deep Dream results look quite similar to those in 2015, although extensively less trippy (as they called the filter back then). Thin style doesn’t change the original image as immesely so it really depends on what look you’re going for. Check the trending page and you’ll see people have created really amazing images with flowers and other organic shapes. And I think that’s truly the best way to use this tool, if it suits any sort of style you’re goin for.

This floral result, from one of my images, through the Deep oil painting style, I really like.

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Toy Photography on the Cheap

I wrote this post a million years ago and never published it. In going through my 36 post drafts, most of which are barely written ideas, I stumbled on this one and it seems like the perfect time to share. Sure, maybe you can’t go shopping at the dollar store, or maybe you can but should avoid it anyway, but I bet your have tiny trinkets, bits of paper and some sort of camera (your phone) around your house with you. So gather up some items and start photographing!

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The Photos I’ve Made (so far) In These Weird Times.

  • Disclaimer: Your worth is not based on how productive you are now or ever. I’ve watched more netflix than anything else outside of work and if you’ve done the same that’s okay. I’m glad I’m starting to settle into my routine and make things again and this post is only to talk about that process.

So I got a big commission I worked on October through November, started a new job in February, got married 1 week after starting the new job, then a few days later everything closed.

I’m still going into work everyday but on a weird schedule. It’s also busy season so I’ve been working most Saturdays and if I’ve learned nothing else in this time, I really rely on routine. It’s been like a month and a half or something right? Ad I’m definitely not used to my new schedule yet.

I have a few photos planned that I was pretty excited about, and I have a lot of videos planned and some even filmed but unedited. I haven’t had the drive to do basically anything in that realm and I don’t want the images to he tainted by meanings of quarantine, as I can see one of them becoming attached to. But maybe that’s just an excuse.

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an ai wrote this toy photography blog post

So I was curious what an automatic blog writer would write on the topic of toy photography. I went to, typed in ‘toy photography’ as the topic and the below is what I got. It’s honestly way more coherent than I expected.Continue reading “an ai wrote this toy photography blog post”

Toy Photography: How to, Why, its Roots & More!

Hi there!

I’ve been using toys and miniatures in my photography since 2008. My work in this field hasn’t always been good, and sometimes it’s still not. But sometimes it’s really good. I’ve had my work in publications and galleries across the globe and I’m very passionate about the subject of toy photography and its deep roots. Because of this I research and write about toy photography and related subjects pretty often and maybe just maybe, you’ll find this info useful in your own life and work.

Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to see here. More will be added in time.

– Tourmaline .

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The world is ending, or maybe it’s not. 

I just got married 5 days ago. A couple people asked if the wedding was still on. We’d been planning it for a year and 2 months, paid all the vendors, arranged everything. Of course it was still on. It was definitely a gathering of more than 10 people and we all sat next to each other to eat, we hugged good bye. Nothing was shutting down yet though 5 days ago. No one was telling us not to gather, at least not telling us loudly enough. I will say, while bittersweet, it’s probably for the best no grandparents were able to come to the wedding.

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How I Began My Toy Photo Journey

Most of us mini enthusiasts can attest that we’ve loved the tiniest of objects from childhood. I, myself, absolutely adored Polly Pockets, and still have much of my collection to this day.

Add to that, a passion for photography I discovered around the age of 14. My family and I took a vacation to the Smokey Mountains. We stayed in a KOA cabin for a week and hiked daily. My dad and I even climbed the side of a waterfall. Through all those hikes, and even the waterfall climb, I carried my mom’s camera with me, loaded with Kodak film. Upon arriving home, and getting the 2 rolls developed , I fell in love. I made 2 collages of the images I liked in poster frames and hung them on my bedroom wall for years to come. I still have them in my closet now.Continue reading “How I Began My Toy Photo Journey”