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*This is a sponsored post.

Have you all heard of SquintBox? It’s a subscription box, from the genius of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, that just started June 2016. SquintBox sends you a set of dollhouse 1:12 scale accessories every month.

Too cool right? And to my delight they sent me one to review!

So here it is, the June SquintBox, on this Monday’s edition of…My Mini Monday where I discuss all things miniature.


These items arrived safely and securely at just over 1 week from the date the package was sent out. I do live in an apartment, and the box was sent on Friday, so those of you who are house dwellers may get yours even sooner. If you subscribe monthly your box will be shipped out the third week of the month.

*Excuse my dirty fingers/nails, it’s testors paint from building a miniature amusement park all week.

June Selections

The labels, as you’ll see, are actually quite clear and largely readable, which is impressive for this scale. And overall these are very cute and of great quality. They may look fragile, but they hold up just fine and they will be sure to add some charm to any dollhouse, room box, or other miniature space.

Posed Scenes

*The ashtray pictured was a giveaway from SquintBox (details below) and was not included in my June selection. The rug and white shelving unit are IKEA, the kitchen cabinet is Melissa and Doug and the couch and side table are 1990s American Girl.

Down to Details

As listed on their website, you can get Squintbox monthly for $29.95. To save a bit of money, subscribe to the 3 or 6 month plans for 10 and 15% off respectively.

Each month you get 5 to 7 miniatures, averaging out to about $5 per piece. That’s about what you’d get each item for from a dollhouse store online, so it’s really not a bad deal.

Cost comparison with similar items from Dollhouse Heaven (the images in the table belong to SquintBox and Dollhouse Heaven).

*total from Dollhouse Heaven only includes quantity as representative in SquintBox, i.e. 2 candles


Make sure to follow @squintbox on instagram for your chance to enter to win artist made miniatures and to get a sneak peak at the monthly SquintBox selections. I won a Mad Men replica ashtray made by Michael Yurkovic of Atomic Miniatures a month and a half ago and it’s gorgeous. You can see it pictured in the ‘Posed Scenes’ section above, images 1 and 3. They have a current giveaway, for a purse and shoes, ending August 31.

You can also learn more/follow SquintBox:

In Conclusion

These pieces are ultra detailed and packaged well. This little box is the first of it’s kind and is perfect if you’d like some minis selected and shipped to you or a friend each month. Perfect for the collector or miniaturist.

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Do you like miniatures of any kind? Do you have a dollhouse? What do you think of SquintBox? Leave your thoughts on anything and everything below.

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