MSAA Art Showcase 2022

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, and while the month might be nearing its end, it's not too late to check out this year's MSAA Art Showcase! I am so happy to announce that my images are featured among those of the other wonderful artists in this show, and I would be so honored to... Continue Reading →

Current Miniature Exhibits to See!

the links provided at the end of this post, but additionally, I'd like to feature some new ones here from time to time. So let's begin -

A Favorite Photograph

Looking at the trends of the Lenscratch Favorite Photograph Exhibition and forming a new call for a yearly toy photography exhibition.

My Favorite Photos of 2021

I sent in a photo this year to Lenscratch's Favorite Photos exhibition. I chose a recent image I'd made, which tends to be how my favorites go .

MOSH Toytopia in Pictures

Went to MOSH's Toytopia exhibit the night of the Playworld Mini Comic-Con. But I'll admit, I was much more interested in the exhibit on the history of toys. A little disappointed that it was mostly pictures, but had fun regardless. Click an image to view it larger.

A Toy Photography Chat

Enjoy @stalagmitethrilla and @fstop_rebel having a discussion about a variety of toy photographers. This episode discusses my work as well!

Lenscratch Favorite Image of 2020 Show

Happy New Year! Did you celebrate? Lenscratch has a pretty cool show they just published on their site where photographers submitted their favorite image they took during 2020. I took a new favorite a few days after the deadline, but I'm still enormously happy with this shot. Click here to check out mine and the... Continue Reading →

2020 In Review

How did your 2020 turn out? Mine definitely had more stressors than I mention here. But I like using these end of year posts to focus on the good.

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