I’m a Professional Cat Photographer Now

Well okay, not exactly. Someone who takes way too many pictures of their cat, yes. But what’s too many really (tell me how many pet photos you have on your phone and then I might just admit how many I have on mine)?

However, a picture I took of my cat laying under a blanket, watching bird videos on my phone (my phone that’s decked out with a pop wallet and pop socket both with pictures of said cat on them) made it into an online exhibit called ‘2020 Self-Quarantining’ back in April. And while I’m completely astounded, I also fully recognize that a cozy cat watching youtube is very good quarantining imagery.Continue reading “I’m a Professional Cat Photographer Now”

This is an art show

If you’re in the Jacksonville area, I’d love for you to come out to This is an art show tonight at Nighthawks, presented by Bangarang Events!

I’ll be one of 19 artists there. Doors open at 7:00 pm and music starts at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $5 if you’re over 21, $10 for those under. Ticket fees, bar purchases and 10% of art sales all go to benefit the Kid’s Mural Project.

I’ll be there until 2 am and would love to see you!

I’ll have 5×7 and 11×14 prints, matted and loose. Here’s just a handful of what you’ll see from me tonight.

Follow me on instagram to see updates live from the show! @tourmalinenow

Where Toy Photography Got it’s Wings: David Levinthal at SAAM

“There is less in my photographs than meets the eye. I look at my work as a narrative that taps into each individuals own memory.”

David Levinthal just turned 70, which makes it 40 years since his first NY gallery show and 53 years since he began his exploration of photography.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. now owns 545 of David Levinthal’s photographs, 8- of which are currently on view in ‘American Myth & Memory.’ Pieces from his journals can also be found in the Archives of American Art (papers can be seen by appointment only).

Levinthal creates composed worlds. His images both perpetuate and explore American stereotypes. He tells stories through small details, rather than through expansive, detailed spaces. This allows the viewer to bring their own visual memory to the photograph before them.

His work can be compared to film stills. The images are the moment in between an imagined before and after.

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The Ultimate International List of Miniature Exhibits & Museums (100+ Locations)

All the mini worlds in our great big world, right here for your planning pleasure.

Looking for a place in the U.S.? Check out my previous list here.

Looking for somewhere outside of the U.S.? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the below list for mini displays near you. Don’t see one that should be here? Let me know in a comment below.

Click on the site name to be taken to more information.


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Miniature Marvels at the St. Augustine Art Association

There’s a new miniature show that just opened, and it just so happens to be local to me, and have one of my pieces in it!

I found out about the Miniature Marvels show on Sunday, February 24th and immediately got an idea for it. I’m typically pretty against creating new work for shows, but was passionate about making this particular piece. I’ve never felt I could just print photos small for a miniature based show, and am not a miniaturist per say, so I just don’t enter them. This idea however allowed me to combine actual tangible miniatures with my miniature diorama photography.

The only problem was that pieces had to physically be turned in, no later than 4 pm on Wednesday, February 27th. So with the quickest turn around ever I got to work, making ‘ a miniature gallery of photos of miniatures.’Continue reading “Miniature Marvels at the St. Augustine Art Association”

The Ultimate List of Miniature Exhibits & Museums (50+ U.S. Locations)

Welcome! I hope you’ll find this list of mini wonders useful. Each museum and permanent miniature display is listed by state. If you don’t see your state listed, it’s because I was unable to find information on any miniature display locations in your area. Know of one? Let me know!

Clicking the name of the site will take you to the official webpage.


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Shop my Survival Series and More!

As some of you know I’ve had art in a show at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures.

My 5 part series of HO scale and board game war miniatures was a part of the BadAss miniatures show, and it was such an honor, as the quality of miniature work in that show was spectacular.

From the D. Thomas website:

Tiny art without boundaries.

Defiant, quirky, and slightly uncomfortable.

Welcome to the disobedient dollhouse.

BadAss Miniatures presents emerging perspectives in the miniature arts; an exhibition of original works in miniature form contributed by over 30 artists from across the United States and abroad. Featured works represent a novel movement that challenges the status quo in the miniature art form through the presentation of unconventional ideas and concepts and the quirky, outlandish, surprising use of miniatures. “BadAss” aims to push the envelope on the traditional (rethink the dollhouse!) with an edgy and bold attitude showcasing jaw-dropping, surprising—maybe even shocking—miniature badassery to hit the 21st century.

See more of the featured work here.

I tell you all this today, because some of that art, including mine, is available for sale!

If you need some more minis, or mini art in your life, be sure to check out their store – just click the screenshot above, or find my piece directly here!