Submissions for issue 7, Fascination Now Closed

Weekly Weather

Weekly weather begins this Saturday - August 6! Get ready for weekly weather based challenges. Share your photos, poems, shorts stories, illustrations - any artistic endeavor. tag #weeklyweather and share a link to your contribution on the weekly topic post!

Steps & Stairs

A compilation gallery of steps and stairs for Cee's Fun Foto Challenge.

issue 6 artists

Congratulations everyone! Issue 6 coming July 22!!


Inspired by July 2nd's World UFO Day, X Files and UFOs in general. handmade polymer clay UFO, HO scale figure, N scale house, scrapbook paper sky, war gaming grass field.

A Modern Re-Telling of Edward Hopper’s ‘New York Movie’

Nature Photography Day

Happy Nature Photography Day! I just learned that this was a thing from Gary Hart's blog, so please click through to view his breathtaking work here. More 'Today Is...' or related posts:

Edward Hopper Inspired Spaces

I hope to photograph this set more soon, maybe with figures and/or furniture. And by 'Edward Hopper Inspired' I mean open spaces with lots of sunlight and reflections of light, wide open windows, light airy tones.

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