Full Circle

If you had to weave a story from these images, what would you say? Include the skeletons, the branches, the moons, the animals, the colors. And just what is she holding in the first picture? Striking a DealTrick or Treat?OfferingMake a ChoiceThe JourneyEnlightenment

Going Up and Sitting On, Stairways

Post 2 in continuing to explore the repeating themes in my work. See the first post here. I swear I thought I had done this one even more so, but I think in part I had one more planned that never panned out. I'm sure I'll continue to return to stairs regardless. 2016 2018 Monochrome... Continue Reading →

Pink & Green

Playing with pink and green and slightly absurd settings. Wolfgang, my cat, clumsily jumped up onto this dollhouse in the middle of the night, causing me and my husband to wake up. He's been doing this almost nightly for a week, which led to a middle of the night, half asleep, thought of these images... Continue Reading →

Is 1/12 scale the best scale for toy photography?

Figuring out which scale will work best for your toy photography.

A Piece of Me

Almost every image I make is a self portrait. Those tiny bits of plastic become me. They represent my strongly felt emotions, my experiences. And through this I attach myself so fully to their image.


A clearer picture of life ahead. A New Door

And What Happens in Between

A series created in 2019 as a spin off from my Monochrome | Polychrome series. I believe I had more images planned but they never came to fruition.

From Nature

"Several times per heartbeat, over and over from birth to death, we each separate the specific from the general, the figure from the ground, and decide which shape is the mushroom (or the field mouse or the lost contact lens) and which is not. We fit together the pieces that we can, and set aside... Continue Reading →

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