Leaves – Behind the Scenes

In case you missed it in my Oct. 17 - 23 weekly recap, here's a little behind the scenes on one of my Halloween Challenge images. For this image, I had planned to use these glittery ornately cut leaves I had seen at the dollar store and hadn't purchased, so i kept putting off this... Continue Reading →

Sam’s Story

A little NECA Sam action figure (from the movie Trick 'r Treat) and his story with a grey house. From 2020 til now. I'm certain more will unfold.

Geometric Abstraction

More plays with abstraction , pulling back, geometry, orbs, and in camera contrast. Look closely to find the figure.

How do you pose an action figure for toy photography?

The best way to try to get a realistic body pose, is to pose for yourself in the mirror and match your action figure to it. From the way you hold your hands, to the bend of your knee.

10+ FAQs of Toy Photography

Some frequently asked questions and answers! Let me know what I missed in a comment below whether on the question or answer side! Click on a question in the list below to be taken directly to that spot on the page. How do I take realistic images of toys? How do I create practical effects... Continue Reading →

Toy Photography and Nostalgia

"There's a vast difference between inspiration and imitation." Jamie Windsor recently released a video on nostalgia in photography, and while I tend to make response posts to things I disagree on, I whole heartedly agree with his video, and there are so many parallels to toy photography - this niche in which I reside. So... Continue Reading →

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