A Favorite Photograph

Looking at the trends of the Lenscratch Favorite Photograph Exhibition and forming a new call for a yearly toy photography exhibition.

Clinging to Childhood

A representation of clinging to childhood. A figure reaches up to an oversize horse. A hand reaches down to grab the horse and take it away.

Octopus as Strength

The leaves below her feet part for her. There's a galaxy in the Octopus's eye, a symbol of what's to come, what will open up.

How I Compose a Photo

Here's a complete walk-through of how I composed this single photo, which may give you some insight into my process overall.

toy.photography | This Blog in Summary

A bit of a blog summary for all my new visitors.

The Line Between Art as a Whole and Surrealism is Very Thin

"Making art precipitates self-doubt, stirring deep waters that lay between what you know you should be, and what you fear you might be."– DAVID BAYLES AND TED ORLAND, ART & FEAR: OBSERVATIONS ON THE PERILS (AND REWARDS) OF ARTMAKING Surrealism in its absolute simplicity is imagination, emotion, knowledge of self. Is this not what the aim of... Continue Reading →

Art and the Search for the Unconscious

"As the longest-running avant-garde movement of the 20th century, Surrealism’s scope and richness is perhaps unparalleled in its influence of modern art and culture." (2) Theory of the Unconscious In 1900 and then 1905, Freud developed a model of the unconscious mind. In 1915 Freud further defined this model. The mind is an iceberg. The... Continue Reading →

My Art Book Shelf

I've compiled a list of my art books. Many I've used as reference in my posts here, some I will in the future, and others still yet to be perused. Maybe these will be of use in your own art life. This post contains affiliate links. But I got most of mine from used book... Continue Reading →

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