My PhotoJax 2014 in Review

I had a great PhotoJax weekend! Local Exposure was super packed with so many people and I had quite a lot of friends come out and support. CoRK was great as always- it’s constantly changing and it’s always interesting to see the new artists and their studios.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

The Photojax exhibits are still up, so make sure to go and check everything out!

To see more images of the festivities:


So excited! This is going to be a awesome show and I hope I see you there! I will have one piece on display- printed to 20″x30″ and framed in a 24″x36″ sectional- making it the biggest piece I’ve ever shown! The model I built for the shot will be on display as well. I’ve seen a bit of the other work that will be in the show and it’s looking magnificent!

Gallery 725 knows how to do openings too. The event will be catered- trust me, the food’s amazing. Great people, great food, great art!Metal-Flyer-v2 (1)

The Hashtag Project: #craftbeer

The Hashtag Project: #craftbeer

Title: #craftbeer
Description: #beer #beertography #beerwego #craftbeerporn #beerporn #craftbeerculture #craftbeeradvocate #craftbeernotcrapbeer #beerischeaperthantherapy #beerisculture #beersinparadise #brew #homebrew #craftbeerdrinker #craftbeerlife #hops #malt #craftbeergeek #craftbeernerd #craftbeerlover #craftbeerdrinker #craftbeerlove #craftbeerart #craftbeerphoto #craftbeerheaven #craftbeerlife #craftbeerornothing #craftbeersnob #craftbeerrevolution #craftbeeronly #craftbeernation #craftbeerenthusiast #craftbeergasm #craftbeeradvocate #craftbeerjunky #craftbeercrusaders #craftbeeraddict #craftbeerinstagram #craftbeerpic #craftbeerclique

Here’s the image I didn’t end up showing at Hop Art. I had all intentions to- hence creating it in the first place- but I got really ill and was unable to print, frame and deliver the piece. Thankfully this is the first time I’ve ever let being sick stop me, and hopefully it won’t effect me too much in the future- but on to bigger and better things.

I created this photograph of a 1/2″ tall beer using resin and red and green food dye poured into a dollhouse pub glass. I mixed clear resin with corn starch for the foam. I then placed the little beet on a playmobil plastic “wooden” bench, shot the image in my table top studio with my macro lens and voila (and I edited it a bit).

I have a little mini series stewing called The Hashtag Project. There will be installments here and there (this is the first!). The idea is to take hipster-esque images with my DSLR of miniature things (craft beer, record player, anything nostalgic, etc.) and to title and describe them using tags that would typically be found on images of these type on instagram (the tags are kinda of funny). Overall it’s a mini commentary on today’s photography. I’ll give you a more defined artist statement as the series progresses. Stay tuned!

*Do you have any ideas for subjects for images in this series? Do you know or use any hashtags that I failed to list in the description? Let me know!



e-mail from The Red Sable

Here’s some more information about Je ne regrette rien, which goes up this Saturday. It’s a one day only event, so be sure to check it out!

Live in Jacksonville? Would you like to participate? There still may be space available. Contact Melissa- details below.

The Red Sable

No Regret Art Show

A special Thank you to:
DOS Coffee in St. Augustine
D Delights Sweets and Treats for all the delicious treats 904-743-3018
Stephanie Hatcher of The Pampered Chef
Michele Perry of the Yei Children’s Village in South Sudan

*If you are an artist and would like to take part in this art show, there is still time contact me Melissa Roby at 904-707-2861 to sign up.

on the horizon……..

KickStarter Campaign

Oh boy am I excited about this one, Daniel Frost our soon to be in house framer and I got our brains together and created a fun campaign that will be released September 2nd. I have to admit there were lots of jumping up and down and excitement as we developed it.
This campaign will help us raise the funds we need to secure our SBA loan so we can open our doors. We are aiming to open at the end of this Fall and I can’t wait to share all the fun stuff we have planned for you.
As a thank you to all of our donors we have fantastic prizes lined up for each denomination gift. So keep your eyes peeled, just 7 more days until its big release.

Stay Inspired,

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Season of Spring

This miniature thing has been going on in my life for as far back as I can remember. I designed little worlds (mainly houses) for my dolls. I would make dollhouse furniture from kits with my mother and decorations from paint and things I found in our craft supplies. I remember this book I loved that I got from the Scholastic book fair where you punched out all these separate furniture pieces and glued them together. The resulting glossy card stock furniture was the perfect size for Fashion Polly.

For this challenge I found a couple of these things- a wooden picket fence I painted with hobby acrylic paint and a bouquet of little fake blue flowers stuck in a tiny piece of floral foam that I painted red. I placed these items in a set-up I’m currently using for a series and photographed them with my iPhone, editing them in tadaa. I suppose it’s a comment on the flowers of spring, the details of my childhood and the technology of my present.

image image (1)