Image Recovery & Shooting Outside your Comfort Zone

I'm pretty strictly a studio photographer. I like having full control of the entire set and lighting. But there were a few pictures on my 'to do ' list that just seemed to be begging to be shot outdoors. My sister came into town to visit and needed some beach shots for her blog. That... Continue Reading →

Sudden Shifts

From Sun to Hail for the The Daily Post Daily Prompt. And a quote for #WCW - The Rebirth of Lisa's Word's Crush Wednesday. "Life is like Mother Nature, unpredictable. There's cloudy days and there's sunny days but you have the power to decide the weather of your life." - Artyom Gross

Small Inspirations

 "There are little gems all around us that can hold glimmers of inspiration." - Richelle Mead [In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration & the Rebirth of Lisa's Words Crush Wednesday.] I say this in the most un-ironic way possible, but it's the tiniest things that inspire me photographically. I'm in a store and see a toy,... Continue Reading →

So close

to finishing my senior project and the book that goes along with it. Just 2 more images and The Conception and Sensation of time will come to an end (although I'm sure I will come back to exploring my dreams with miniature tableaux photography at a later date).

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