23 on the 23rd

Today is my 23rd birthday! Tonight I will celebrate with friends and this weekend I'll celebrate by participating in all the PhotoJax activities (I swear they have it on my birthday weekend on purpose ;) ). Have a lovely day everyone!


I made this mini-series for my boyfriend for his birthday- which was this past Wednesday. He is originally from New York, is a criminal justice major and bought me these ho scale police men awhile back so it seemed like the perfect series to make for him. Enjoy :)

PhotoJax 2014

PhotoJax 2014 is almost here! And you know what would be a great birthday gift to me? If you would share the PhotoJax 2014 experience with me! Yea, that's right, my birthday is on the 23rd (turning 23 on the 23rd, you jealous?) and PhotoJax starts the 24th! I have pieces I've submitted to #photojaxhoods... Continue Reading →

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