Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape is letting your imagination soar.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I know you've seen images from this series before, but considering the series is called Change, I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss it further. I have lived in Jacksonville since my Freshman year of High school. That makes 8 years now. These past 8 years, more specifically these past 4 have been... Continue Reading →

The Conception and Sensation of Time is Complete!

If you are currently looking at this page, there are 15 additional images to this series that were originally published here. If you are interested in seeing the rest of this series, please click here. I'm just adding the final touches to the book! I have 3 shows coming up the first week of April... Continue Reading →




Added quite a bit of work to the site today and there is more to come very soon! Events & Portraiture Composites Alternative & Mixed Media

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