My Poetry, 2015

I wrote a lot of poems in 2015. By no means am I a poet. It is not something I pursue, but something consumed me during this time. I soon after began a collaborative art zine that I ran for 2 years. But for today, here are those poems and the images I paired with... Continue Reading →


Stuck in the static. A blur, a buzzing in your head. [Posting to the Pic and a Word Challenge: Withering, the WordPress Discover Challenge: Here and Now and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge]


it's no longer waves it's tsunamis completely engulfed the only choice is to endure it thrashing gasping suffocating it seeps within and then I start to overflow [A sister poem/ follow up of sorts to Downpour.] [Experimenting with some new challenges today - posting to, Miniature Writing Challenge #46: four elements of nature ( water, fire,... Continue Reading →


I'm suspended in this state of in between. A numbness washes over me. My mind shoves out the overwhelming clatter. And the static inside grows ever louder. Piece by piece I chip away. Forgetting whatever I aimed to be. I am here, here now, now here. And with this empty state I agree.   [Another... Continue Reading →

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