A couple of what will likely be many posted throughout this month. A Christmas village. For the Pic and a Word Challenge: Winter.

Dog Day

There are so many "holidays" every day - this is my attempt at a daily photo response. Join in if you'd like. Just tag your post #todayis. :) I’m working on making a master page of all the daily holidays and links to daily posts. In the meantime, check out for future post topics. Join... Continue Reading →

Little Figures

The wonderful, lovely, kind, amazing, etc. etc. Sabina Ayne, of the blogs Library of Cats, The View through my Aquamarine Eyes, Doggie & Kitty Caperz, Spirit Stew and, Orange Marmelade Press, sent me so many miniatures my heart's going to explode. I played around with some shots on 5 of them so far and present... Continue Reading →

Commandeered Creativity

In 3rd grade there was a book (about a dog, but I can't remember much else) that resided on our classroom book shelf. One day, I took it upon my self to copy the book page by page. I meticulously traced the drawings and wrote out all the words. I worked on this for days,... Continue Reading →


Today I took a walk with this little guy. He wasn't too into walking, but he's pretty great at posing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape is letting your imagination soar.

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