Toy Photography: A Timeline

A quick breakdown of toy photography's history. It's linked back to the invention of photography, and to the practice of still life in art.

Fake It Til You Make It

A lesson from Edward Weston Each morning Weston journaled. He spoke of the work he made in these journals. In 1923 he burned the majority of the journal he had kept, disgusted by its contents. He later began writing again. He stopped journaling after becoming recognized as an artist. In those years before he received... Continue Reading →

Toy-esque Photographers | Onset of Photography through the 1980s

Photographers who at least dabbled in photographs of toys, miniatures, figurines and the like, a timeline. Click the names to learn more. Links and Photographer listing will be updated as I find more to add. [Last Updated December 27, 2020] 1898 Albert Smith & James Stuart Blackton 1898 Edward H. Amet 1912 Adolph de Meyer... Continue Reading →

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